How to Make a Nest Cam Public

Most Nest Cam owners use their home security camera in private mode for personal viewing.  However, some like to have their Nest Cam for all to see.  So today, we discuss how to make a Nest Cam public.  In other words, anybody can see it. Making a Nest Cam public isn’t difficult to do.  However, be aware that public means public.  Anybody and anytime will be able to see the action.  We have seen some interesting public cameras and are a bit stumped on the logic of the owners for making their Nest Cam public.  More than one person has … Read more

Nest Cam vs DropCam Pro

Google purchased Nest who purchased DropCam.  That’s a lot of purchases.  The Nest Cam is the upgraded version of the Dropcam Pro.  This article will help owners of the DropCam Pro decide if an upgrade to the Nest Cam makes sense.  It’s Nest Cam vs DropCam Pro. We previously wrote detailed reviews on these cameras if you would like to read all about them first: Nest Cam Review DropCam Pro Review You might be surprised at the results and the end recommendations.  They are both terrific home security cameras.  Let’s get on with our head to head analysis. Software This is one of … Read more

Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount Review

Today, we got a chance to review something a little different.  A way to hang your Nest Cam from an AC outlet. The Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount is an accessory that does exactly that. Sounds strange right?  Once you get it out of the box and try it, you will find it’s not really that strange, and in fact makes good sense.  Especially if you have an AC outlet that’s about 4 feet off the floor, such as above a kitchen counter. We have a photo of an empty Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount with this article so that you could see … Read more

How to Hide a Nest Cam Home Security Camera

There are a lot of reasons to hide a Nest Cam.  Most notable is that you don’t want an intruder to see it.  If a bad guy sees the camera, and knows he’s on it, there is a good chance it will get broken or stolen.  Hopefully, if this happens, you subscribed to the cloud plans offered by Nest so you can at least get a good idea of what the person looks like. Fortunately, there are some good methods to hide a Nest Cam and we will cover them in this article.  Most of the methods apply to the … Read more

How to Eliminate False Motion Alerts on a Nest Cam

One of the best features on a Nest Cam is the ability to receive motion alerts.  Unfortunately one of the most frustrating features on a Nest Cam is dealing with motion alerts.  Especially false motion alerts.  So today we will discuss how to eliminate false motion alerts on a Nest Cam or at least how to minimize them. False motion alerts drive me nuts.  In the beginning, I pick up the phone every time I receive a motion alert to see what’s going on.  Turns out the alert occurred because the leaves on the tree moved or, even more comical, the lights went … Read more

The Best Place to Put a Nest Cam and How to Put it There

In addition to all the hardware improvements that came with the Nest Cam, a new mount was introduced.  Proper use of the mount and positioning of the Nest Cam will make a significant difference in video quality and usefulness of the camera.  This article will show you how to select the best place to put a Nest Cam and how to put it there.  Although this article is written with Nest Cam in mind, the concepts presented can apply to many other cameras, especially the predecessor of Nest Cam which is called the DropCam Pro. Your Nest Cam came with a … Read more