FLIR FX HD Portable Security Camera Review

The FLIR FX HD Security Camera has a lot of nice features included.  It competes nicely with many of the top home security cameras on the market including the Nest Cam and many of the Samsung SmartCam models.  The camera packs a lot of high end features and has a multitude of mounting options, perhaps more so than anything else I have seen. For those unfamiliar with FLIR, they are fairly large company that manufactures and distributes cameras and imaging systems.  I was aware of the Lorex brand of cameras and didn’t realize until writing this article they are made … Read more

Nest Cam Outdoor Versus Lorex LNC226X Wireless HD Network Camera

The Nest Cam Outdoor was recently introduced as Nest’s answer to outside security camera use.  Well, Lorex has been doing the outdoor thing for quite sometime and their LNC226X is a pretty good bullet style camera made for outdoor use.  So it’s time for our Nest Cam Outdoor versus Lorex LNC226X Wireless HD Indoor/Outdoor Network Camera comparison. We previously wrote detailed reviews on these cameras if you would like to read all about them first: Nest Cam Outdoor Review Lorex LNC226X Wireless HD Network Camera Review Let’s get on with our head to head analysis. Software This category is all about the smartphone … Read more

Lorex LNC226X Wireless HD Indoor/Outdoor Network Camera Review

The Lorex LNC226X Wireless HD Indoor/Outdoor Network Camera is the first outdoor bullet type we have reviewed on HomeCamCafe.  Bullet style cameras aren’t for everyone.  They are larger and heavier than many of the home security cameras made over the past few years.  However, if you want a camera that screams “I see you” then a bullet camera is what you want.  Nothing stealth about a bullet camera. You can use this camera as wired or wireless.  This article will concentrate on the wireless operation.  If needing a wired bullet camera, we recommend a less expensive option.  Don’t pay for wireless … Read more