Using an Arlo Pro Camera Outdoors

how to use an Arlo Pro Camera outdoors.The Arlo Pro HD Home Security System continues to be an excellent choice for those looking to deploy a versatile monitoring solution wherever there is a good WiFi signal. These cameras are good candidates for those in need of a truly wireless solution as it can run on batteries.  While many deployments of the Arlo Pro are indoors, they can also be used outside.  So today, we’re looking at how to use an Arlo Pro Camera outdoors.

For purposes of the information contained in this article, it applies equally to the Arlo Pro and the Arlo Pro 2.  Same video and placement principles.

First, give some thought about where to put your Arlo Pro camera outdoors.  These cameras connect to their base unit.  While Arlo states a maximum distance of 300 feet, that can be reduced by a lot of factors including walls, climate and power lines.  So be sure a clear signal can be received from the chosen location.

Be sure that a solid mounting adhesion can be obtained or select an alternative mount.  The adhesive dome that comes with the camera may not be sufficient to use your Arlo Pro camera outdoors.  An example is a stucco surface.  I tried this once and came home to find the camera and mount on the ground.  Generally speaking, a smooth and clean surface is needed for any adhesive mount to stick.

Fortunately there are alternative ways to mount an Arlo Pro camera outdoors.  There is also a standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded tripod hole on the bottom of the camera and this opens us up to a variety of alternative camera mounts perhaps better suited for outdoor use.

Consider the Arlo Smart Security Camera Indoor/Outdoor Mount.  These are made by Netgear for their Arlo line of cameras.  Made of metal and featuring the standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded tripod screw that will fit the bottom of the camera, these work real well for an Arlo Pro camera outdoors.  This is probably the most adjustable of all the Arlo mounts.  The only drawback of this mount is that you will need to remove the camera from the mount when you need to change the batteries and then need to adjust the position again.

Which brings us to the question of power.  As you know by now, the Arlo Pro is a wireless camera that is battery operated.  Put this somewhere challenging to access and the battery thing gets old real quick.

The Wasserstein Weatherproof 20ft/6m Cable Compatible With Arlo Pro plugs into the back of the Arlo Pro.  This is a good choice for places where an A/C outlet is accessible.

Sometimes an A/C outlet isn’t available outdoors.  Consider the Arlo Solar Panel when there isn’t power nearby and you don’t feel like changing the battery any longer.  This is innovative and unique as there aren’t many security camera manufacturers that thought of doing this (Ring is the only other brand that comes to mind).  If the area gets enough sunlight, this might be a good solution to save trips to change the batteries.  Comes with a six-foot power cable and mount that allows getting the best angle to the sun.

Lastly, think about placing your Arlo Pro in a location that cannot be easily accessed by a potential thief.  Generally speaking, that translates to a high location.  You can also consider hiding your camera.  We provide some guidance on how to hide an Arlo camera in a recent article.  Remember, the Arlo cloud feature if your camera walks.  At least you will have a clear 1080p HD video of the thief.




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