Is Wyze Spotlight for Wyze Cam v3 Worth It or Not?

Wyze Spotlight for Wyze Cam v3The Wyze Spotlight for Wyze Cam v3 is an interesting low priced add-on for consideration.  We just got one and put it to the test.  Is it worth it or not?

We’ve looked at several Wyze Cams in the past including the original Wyze Cam, Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam v3.  These were all excellent low priced security cameras.

We especially liked the Wyze Cam v3 and this camera can also be used outdoors.  The addition of a spotlight is a great idea, especially when used outdoors.

Illumination when motion is detected is a great help for those needing a better view at night.  Its also useful to scare away a potential bad guy.


The Wyze Spotlight only works with the Wyze Cam v3.  The spotlight comes with a pigtail cable that brings power to the spotlight and camera.  It plugs into the back of the spotlight and then the camera itself.  This way, you can share a single plug with the spotlight and camera.

The photo that accompanies this article is a Wyze Spotlight attached to a Wyze Cam v3.

The spotlight comes pre-attached to a bracket that has an adhesive strip  This is how it attaches to the top of the Wyze Cam v3.

It has a power of 70 lumens which isn’t overly bright, but it’s enough to light up the immediate area.


The Wyze Spotlight integrates very nicely using with the Wyze app.

Starting with installation, setup your camera first, then plug in the spotlight.  The app detects the presence of the spotlight attached to the camera.  Very easy.

You will now notice a small spotlight icon above the camera image.  Press that icon and the spotlight can be manually turned on and off.

Next, press on the settings gear at the upper right then scroll to Accessories.  After selecting Accessories, select Spotlight.  Here’s where we customize the software settings.

You can select the brightness level.  High is suggested for outdoor use.

The most useful customization is the ability to automate activation of the spotlight.  Not many will select Always On, but it’s there if you want that option.  The most commonly used option is likely turning the spotlight on when motion is detected and it’s dark out.  You can also do this when sound is detected however, keep in mind the spotlight will come on each time a car goes by which can be more often than desired.

Beneath the “Turn on when dark” selection is the ability to setup a schedule or trigger.  For example, you can link this to a Wyze Sensor and turn the spotlight on when a door is opened.

The ability to control using third party integrations such as IFTTT is unique and welcome.

Is the Wyze Spotlight Worth It?

The Wyze Spotlight is totally worth the nominal price.  It’s inexpensive and a great addition to the Wyze Cam v3.  The added security of a motion or sound activated spotlight is really useful and doesn’t require a lot of additional effort versus a traditional spotlight.

Manufacturer Link:  Wyze Labs



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