VueZone Alternatives Needed By August 13, 2019

One of my earlier exposures to the home security camera world was with the VueZone system.  I just received an email from Netgear, makers of VueZone, that support is ending for these cameras on August 13, 2019.  I don’t think I ever had a camera where support actually ended and could no longer be used. If you weren’t aware of this, be sure to read their announcement. Highlights from the announcement: After August 13, 2019, the following will apply: – All VueZone hardware products including base station and camera will cease to communicate with the VueZone back end – Any videos … Read more

VueZone Support Extension Beyond 2017

In an unexpected change of mind, Netgear announced a VueZone support extension beyond their announced December 31, 2017 discontinuance. *** As of August 13, 2019, support has been discontinued *** VueZone owners might remember seeing our past article on VueZone Alternatives Needed By End of 2017.  The article detailed Netgear’s recent announcement regarding elimination of support for the software used to watch video from the VueZone cameras.  While they did not mention dropping support on the hardware platform, they did announce that the back end would not be supported and the VueZone cameras would no longer be able to talk to the back … Read more

How to Extend the Range of an Arlo Pro HD Home Security System

We are big fans of the Arlo Pro HD Home Security System,  It’s our favorite wireless home security camera.  Like any wireless home security camera, you might be challenged by the distance of wireless connectivity.  Today, we are discussing how to extend the range of an Arlo Pro. Everything we discuss within this article applies equally to the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2.  So if you have the Arlo Pro 2, follow along because everything listed here applies to your camera as well. For those unfamiliar with the Arlo Pro, there are two connectivity components.  First is the wireless camera. … Read more

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review

The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System is a follow on generation to the VueZone.  These cameras are made by a large networking company called Netgear which is known for their line of wireless routers.  They now have a division called Arlo which puts out security cameras.  I have used their products for a long time, both the cameras and routers.  They are reliable and easy to use.  You don’t need to be a network genius to use their products. Netgear got into this line a few years back when they purchased a company called Avaak.  They have carried the basic premise … Read more

Arlo Q HD Home Security Camera Review

The Arlo Q HD Home Security Camera was introduced by Netgear’s Arlo division in late 2015.  They already had a very successful line of wireless cameras that we discussed in a prior article.  The Arlo Q is a more traditional camera – it’s wired in terms of power.  There are limits to truly wireless cameras.  Most notable of which is the batteries run out.  As a result, you’re always careful in not using it too long.  Not an issue with the Arlo Q.  Use it all day and night.  Lots of enhanced features. Let’s take a closer look at the Arlo … Read more

How to Solve Home Security Camera Installation Problems

This article is written for those that purchased their home security cameras and are running into some installation problems.  Most of the tips provided in this article apply to the popular cameras like Nest Cam, Samsung SmartCam and Flir FX, as well as many other brands.  There are all sorts of issues that can be encountered when hooking up a new home security camera. This article will attempt to address some of the most common installation problems.  Most suggestions apply to all wireless home security cameras regardless of model. We previously wrote detailed reviews on these cameras if you would … Read more