Do I need the Ring Chime with the Ring Video Doorbell?

The Ring Video Doorbell is one of the best home security cameras that we have seen for monitoring your front door.  Great for seeing who is at your door and when your packages arrive.  The problem:  you may not know when someone is at the door if your phone isn’t with you every hour of the day.  You also might not be home every hour of the day.  That’s where the Ring Chime comes into the picture. We have a detailed review on the Ring Video Doorbell so if you haven’t purchased it yet, be sure to take a few minutes.  … Read more

Ring Video Doorbell Review

A common problem for those looking to monitor the outside of the house is finding a feature rich camera that can overcome the weather elements and power challenges.  The Ring Video Doorbell has a lot of that figured out.  The Ring Video Doorbell replaces your current doorbell or can be added as a brand new doorbell to homes that do not have a traditional doorbell connection. This is the first generation of video doorbell from Ring.  Unlike the second generation, only the first generation supports battery power.  The newer generation requires a hardwire. Software You can access the Ring Video … Read more

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Product Review

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the second generation product that addresses several shortcomings from the initial product. Like the previous generation, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro replaces your current doorbell.  Unlike the older generation, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro must replace your current hardwired doorbell.  This will not add a doorbell where there is no wiring.  Since the Ring Doorbell Pro is a higher end device, I can only guess that battery power wasn’t feasible.  This one needs an electrical connection from the house.  An understandable shortcoming. Software You can access the Ring Video Doorbell Pro with your Apple iOS … Read more