Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount Review

Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount Today, we got a chance to review something a little different.  A way to hang your Nest Cam from an AC outlet. The Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount is an accessory that does exactly that.

Sounds strange right?  Once you get it out of the box and try it, you will find it’s not really that strange, and in fact makes good sense.  Especially if you have an AC outlet that’s about 4 feet off the floor, such as above a kitchen counter.

We have a photo of an empty Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount with this article so that you could see how it works versus the typical one you would see with the Nest Cam already inserted.  The Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount comes in a box in three parts.

The part that the Nest Cam is inserted into is the first part.  It’s a plastic loop which the Nest Cam inserts inside of, just like the stock mount that came with the camera.  You remove the Nest Cam from the stock mount and simply insert it within the loop on this part.

The second part is the AC outlet and it inserts within a square opening on the bottom of the mount.  There is a USB port on the top of the AC adapter.  The third part is a very short micro USB cable that plugs into the AC adapter with the other end plugging into the Nest Cam.

Once the Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount is fully assembled, it gets plugged into the wall.  I recommend an outlet that is about four feet above the floor.  That’s going to help get the best video.  Too low to the floor has you concentrating on stuff that’s a foot off the floor.

The best place to use the Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount is the kitchen.  Plugging it into an outlet above the counter is going to get a good view of entire room.  Thanks to the 130 degree wide angle lens, you should get an almost wall to wall view when plugged into an outlet.

There are two advantages that come to mind as I use this mount.  First, you get around the issue of where to tuck the 10 foot USB cable that comes with the Nest Cam.  That’s a challenge with almost any home security camera.   Since the included cable is a few inches long, an exposed cable isn’t an issue any longer.

The second advantage to the Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount is that the camera becomes somewhat stealth.  Especially if you turn off the status light.  Bad guys don’t typically look at what’s plugged into a kitchen outlet.  Good way to hide your Nest Cam.

We checked it out and this accessory will also fit the DropCam Pro which is the predecessor to the Nest Cam.  Turns out the camera body it’s also a perfect fit.

Ideally, see a way to angle the Nest Cam while in the mount.  That would allow use of the Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount while plugged into a lower outlet.  Most AC outlets are located a foot off the floor.  The ability to point it a bit upwards would have made this mount even more useful.

The Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount is an example of yet another company capitalizing on an absence of mounts from Nest.  It’s a clever design and if you have a spare outlet in your kitchen (or even your garage), this is a good accessory to have.

Manufacturer Link:  Wasserstein