Reolink Keen Combines Pan and Tilt with Completely Wireless Connectivity

Once in a while we get to see some very unique solutions in home security cameras.  The Reolink Keen is one of those products.  It’s the first truly wireless pan and tilt camera we have seen.  We’re talking wireless on the power as well as connectivity. (Disclosure:  Unlike most of the cameras reviewed on, this one was free from the manufacturer. The review is our honest unbiased opinion of the product and not influenced in any way.) We’re always interested in looking at new products and were intrigued when Reolink asked us to look at their wireless entry.   … Read more

What To Do When The Internet Stops Working

It all started with overnight alerts from my Honeywell RTH9580WF Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat telling me the system was unavailable.  That’s the first time I ever got those types of alerts.  I immediately jumped into the Nest App to view one of several Nest Cam indoor cameras.  Yup, my internet was down in my second home and I wasn’t planning to be there again for several weeks. Now, I would have expected the Nest Cams to tell me about this via email alerts as I have it setup to do that but they never did.  I have not looked into the cause of this but … Read more

How to Extend the Range of an Arlo Pro HD Home Security System

We are big fans of the Arlo Pro HD Home Security System,  It’s our favorite wireless home security camera.  Like any wireless home security camera, you might be challenged by the distance of wireless connectivity.  Today, we are discussing how to extend the range of an Arlo Pro. Everything we discuss within this article applies equally to the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2.  So if you have the Arlo Pro 2, follow along because everything listed here applies to your camera as well. For those unfamiliar with the Arlo Pro, there are two connectivity components.  First is the wireless camera. … Read more

Arlo Pro HD Home Security System Takes Wireless to a New Level

I have always been impressed with the Arlo product line.  The Arlo Pro HD Home Security System sets a new level of excellence for wireless home security cameras.  While the video might be the same as the previous generation, everything else is drastically improved. Let’s take a closer look at all the improvements. Software You can access the Arlo Pro Home Security Camera System with your smartphone or via their web portal.  It’s the same app as the other two Arlo camera models and that’s great news.  Already have too many home security apps on my phone. The smartphone apps … Read more

Arlo versus Blink Home Security Camera System

Welcome to the Arlo versus Blink face-off challenge.  The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System and Blink Home Security Camera System are two leading completely wireless home security cameras.  Both offer motion detection, cloud storage and notification services.  Both are powered by internal batteries.  No A/C cables here.  Let’s look at how these cameras compare. We previously wrote detailed reviews on these cameras if you would like to read all about them first: Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Blink Home Security Camera System Review Let’s move on with our head to head analysis. Software This category is all about the smartphone … Read more

Blink Home Security Camera System Review

I was real excited to get my hands on the Blink Home Security Camera System.  These cameras are made by a startup company that was funded by a Kickstarter campaign.  They have a lot of lofty product plans as they try to fit the product space that’s halfway between a home security camera and an affordable home security system. For those unfamiliar the differences between a home security camera and home security system, the latter is going to be able to accomplish some additional monitoring beyond motion or sound.  A home security system camera integrates environmental monitoring such as temperature … Read more